Jenya Hitz is a freelance illustrator based in Zürich, Switzerland. Her wide range of international clients includes renowned brands such as Louis Vuitton and Prada. 
Originally from Moscow, Jenya graduated from the University of Arts in Zurich. 
Jenya's scope of work includes editorial and fashion illustration, advertising, children's book illustration and event drawing. In between illustrating, she is fond of travelling around the world, observing people and nature, collecting stories and beautiful memories.
Jenya's dreamy and vibrant illustrations reflect the sense of beauty and mesmerizing inner world of the artist. Over the years she felt attracted to various techniques, working with watercolour, pencil, crayons, ink, oil and computer, always keeping an open mind to new ways of working, mixing realistic elements with abstract situations.
​clients: Louis Vuitton; Prada; Swiss Post; Yard Agency; VisitScotland; BLPK Pensionskasse; Baeschlin Verlag; Modernista Group AG; Independent Medien-Design; Legendenquartett; Rox Jewelry UK; Stadtbibliothek Baden; BOS Schweiz; SaveTheChildren Schweiz; Nodabl; VUCH; SIXX; American Credit; Backstage, Casablanca; University of Portland; GamelyGames UK; Aschmann Ruegge Architekten AG; Habitat Architektur & Entwicklung GmbH; Grace Chocolate; Clarivate Analytics, UK; Curiosity Music; Asateer Design Studio; Casa Grande University of Guayaquil, Ecuador; The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum; Books Unbound; Yoga Trinity; HAUTO; CPH Allè; Presenceoud Luxury Oil.
represented by: Perfume Art Creation Gallery, Zollikerberg, Switzerland
2017/12 - Schaustelle, Zurich
2017/11 - DESY, Hamburg
2017/10 - Grafik17, Zurich
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